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We deliver tangible value and we pickup your team, company and project where you need us to.

Whether you need new viable product ideas for your business, an idea validated or your MVP scaled. We help you create the digital products of the future and speed-up your go-to market.

We work with company builders & venture studios, accelerator programmes, Corporate & post-seed startups

You would like to…


You have an existing range of products and want to branch out. We’ll help you finding insights in your existing customer base, understand their problems and devise products that delight.


You already have an idea for a digital product but you are unsure how to go forward. We’ll support you in rapidly iterating & testing your idea as well as developing an MVP, that hits the sweet spot.


You have tested and somewhat validated your problem but your existing processes do not cope with the uncertainties of launching completely new products. We help you identify, track and learn from your KPIs. We help you constantly improve your product and venture.

UX Design

You have a digital product but somehow it does not pick-up? User feedback about your service is great, but too many people leave before they convert?
We think like your customers and surely are willing to ask them what they like or dislike. We help you to enhance and refine your funnel and process.

We have developed and launched products and services for ourselves.
We have done the same thing for others. Make use of our experience!

We think user centric and always look for problems to solve. We work with businesses to create digital products and services that leverage on existing strengths and solve problems with the means of tomorrow. Asking questions throughout the development is in our nature.We hate “feature orgies” – the act of adding functionality without solving an issue for the customer. We always look for the most elegant way to do something. We strive for validation and reason in combination with a good gut feeling. We iterate, learn and hate producing waste.

I really liked Emporion’s iterative approach to digital product development. Working with them, we thought about and learned a lot about our own processes.

Dr. Imad Abdallah
CDVO Aareon AG

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