Using seamless prototyping and smoke testing to ensure your idea’s viability


Without testing to see if demand exists for your digital product, you may invest in a typical “sounds good, doesn’t work” solution.


Using proven methodologies, we make accurate determinations to see if real users will convert.


Our testing approach hinges on 5 key elements:

– Step 1: Create a burner brand​
Developing a brand with a real-world web presence, to make people believe in our test.

– Step 2: Initial lead generation (FB, LinkedIn)​
Finding people who are your prototype user to interview them and understand their problem.

– Step 3: Create web-based smoke tests / sales decks​
Platform to further validate product idea that contains tests for KPI validation​

– Step 4:Validate personas & value propositions
Using the LP with additional goals in conjunction with CTRs and Conversion rates to drill down on target group

– Step5: Analysis
Draw conclusions from data​ and interpret them in the products context


One or more validated solution concepts using sign-ups or pre-sales as KPI. Tests are conducted using Landing Pages as well as state-of-the-art marketing tools focusing on testing willingness to pay.

We are also extracting indicative KPIs for your business model creation. We get you MVPP* ready!
*(Minimum viable Powerpoint)