UX/UI Design: from scratch or as an improvement of your current solution


Your digital solution needs an interface update? Be it aesthetic or usability changes: a good design makes things work! But you also need to know where users drop off.


UX/UI Optimization: Enable adequate tracking, detect & fix drop-off points.

Our Task

Identify drop offs, track and report, improve UX/UI design

-Step 1: Identify Drop offs​
In order to solve problems, we need to track them. Therefore, ensuring adequate tracking utilising state-of-the-art tooling (in compliance with GDPR) is our first task.

– Step 2: Track and Report​
After identifying drop-off points, we utilise an data-driven, assumption-supported process to drill to the core of the problem.

– Step 3: Improve UX/UI design
We deliver improved designs that allow us to improve the UX through continious testing.