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You have everything ready to serve customers. Let’s launch it!


Launching a product is harder than one would think. Tracking needs to be excellent, Tracking Pixels in place and a good testing strategy is a must.


Our goal is always to create a digital solution that hits the perfect ratio of speed of delivery and value provision for users.

Our Task

Smoke testing, Prototyping, test for user traction

We provide you and your team with perfect tracking capabilities, help you define KPIs and create a sensible marketing strategy. We like our marketing as we like our product development: Lean.

We therefore dance a different tango than your usual marketing agency. We know of know and unknown unkowns. Our marketing is therefore not a monolithic, pre-planned marketing strategy. It lives and breaths with traction and necessary testing. It’s also a mean of solving questions about functionality and user acceptance.

This is not only crucial right after launch, when we are still finalising product-market fit, but also when scaling up a working product. As entrepreneurs, we are used to bootstrapping and focusing on results. We never invested much time into campaigns or products we didn‘t validate.

Instead of commiting resources straight ahead, we broke these campaigns in mini-projects. We tested different mini-projects and commited to those which showed traction. We called it „lean marketing“. With ever faster changing trends conventional marketing will always run behind. We utilise digital marketing methods in order to test several marketing concepts parallelly. We deliver first results within weeks and iterate toward an optimal campaign based on hard numbers. We try to answer the questions were before was only our gut feeling. Especially with new brands and uncertain target groups, this procedure helps to prevent the ugly.

What you can expect from us


Lean Marketing methods – KPI driven marketing that doubles down on things that work


Micro-Campaigns that are delivered and iterated quickly


Provide the necessary functionality in a lean, quick, and modular fashion

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