You want to find a new product or venture idea. But how do you start?


You have to, want to, or have been given the task to find a new product or venture idea. But where to begin?


Look no further! With our structured customer-centric approach we support you in doing the heavy lifting.

Our Task

Screen the market and see what competitors do. Then understand their angles on target audience and problem statement.

After having created a market overview we start defining first assumptions on the target audience and their problems worth solving. This is the necessary ground work for rapidly testing, which assumptions hold and which don’t.

What you can expect from us

We will find testable assumptions on:

  1. Target groups
  2. Their problems
  3. Potential value propositions

We will also help you understand these value propositions in their respective consequences for the solution space.

Last but not least, we will help you prepare a first product pitch deck for internal traction purposes.