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Alexander Kuchta

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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    Our services

    We are looking forward collaborating with you. Want to know more about how we work? Checkout the goals & deliverables to expect in each phase of your work with us.

    Identify a customer segement and their pains and gains.
    1 month

    What we do:
    Customer Discovery Interviews, Target group-, Problem statement and Value proposition definitions, Burner Brand creation

    Personas & target group definitions and potential vectors for products including basic visualisations. You will also get a burner brand for testing. If required, we will provide you with a first product pitch deck.

    We will validate the assumptions, iterate and test user acceptance
    2-4 months

    What we do:
    Smoke testing, Prototyping, test for user traction

    One or more validated solution concepts using sign-ups or pre-sales as KPI. Tests are conducted using Landing Pages as well as state-of-the-art marketing tools focusing on testing willigness to pay. We are also extracting indicative KPIs for your business model creation. We get you MVPP* ready!

    *(Minimum viable Powerpoint)

    Launch & Scale
    We create an MVP, test key metrics, validate scalability and provide you with an intial startup product team
    6-9 month

    What we do:
    MVP definition and development, assumption driven testing of functionality, Lean Marketing, UX/UI development, branding

    We build an MVP that functions as a base for further product development and get first customers. From there we support you in iterating your product. Should you decide to fully roll-out a product, we function as your intial product team. Our goal is to gradually transition roles to your team as it grows.

    Enable adequate tracking, detect & fix drop-off points

    What we do:
    Ensure adequate tracking, UI/UX testing, Prototyping, Implementation

    In order to solve problems, we need to track them. Therefore, ensuring adequate tracking utilising state-of-the-art tooling (in compliance with GDPR) is our first task. After identifying drop-off points, we utilise an data-driven, assumption-supported process to drill to the core of the problem. We deliver improved designs that allow us to improve the UX through continious testing.